Step 5: Set-up My PINless Dialing

  You can register your landline and mobile on the platform, using our PINless dialing service. This feature allows you to be automatically recognized, when you call from your registered landline or mobile and use your telephone services without having to enter your PIN Code.  
  There are two options to setting up PINless dialing.

1. Online:

To set this up online, log into your account, go to the “ADD CALLER ID” section on the left and follow the instructions displayed. You can list all your mobile / landline numbers at once.

  2. Offline:

To activate Caller ID from a handset, you first need to call the access number and enter your 10 digit PIN Code, your balance will be announced and a prompt to enter a destination number, at this point press 1* to activate caller ID or 2* to deactivate an existing caller ID.

This can be done before or after a call. You will need to do this from each device you would like to register. You can register up to 5 devices for PINless dialing.




The process takes no longer than 1 minute to set-up!

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